Choosing the Right RAM For Your PC

If you’re a demanding computer user, you’ll want at least 32GB of RAM to be able to run powerful apps like Photoshop and play games with high frames-per-second rates. But, there are many other factors to consider when picking out the best RAM for your PC.

For starters, there are some terms you should be familiar with. For instance, there’s memory capacity and speed, which are measured in gigabytes (GB) and megahertz (MHz). There’s also timing, which is the delay between a command from your CPU and the data that’s available in your RAM. Timing is listed as Column Access Strobe Latency and CAS Latency, with lower numbers being better.

Another consideration is the number of memory channels. Think of the channels in your motherboard as roads, and a single road can only handle so much traffic at once before it becomes clogged. Having multiple memory channels lets your RAM and your processor access each other more quickly.

The most common type of RAM is called SDRAM, which stands for synchronous dynamic random-access memory. This type of RAM is usually the cheapest and fastest, so it’s an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their computers on a budget. When installing this type of memory, it’s important to make sure the computer is completely shut down and that all wires are unplugged. Then, one should open the case and carefully look for the RAM slot on the motherboard, while handling the memory stick gently. PC memory

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