Inspirational Designs For Jewelry

Throughout history, jewelry has been used to convey a sense of style, symbolize a relationship or tell a story. Today, some designers are taking it a step further with inspirational designs that feature meaningful messages and symbols baked into their pieces. Whether it’s an engraved quote, stamped symbol or crafted gemstone, inspirational jewelry can help your customers feel inspired, motivated and supported in their daily lives.

Love is a common source of inspiration for jewelry, from heart-shaped rings to engrave-ready necklaces. Other feelings like friendship and fear can also inspire jewelry designers to create collections with a powerful message. Spirituality is another common theme for inspirational designs. From the infinity symbol to a lotus flower, these pieces can represent personal beliefs and serve as a reminder of a higher power.

Some jewelry is also inspired by a particular place or culture, like the horns on an Italian ring or the clover charm that symbolizes luck in Irish culture. Others take a more philanthropic approach, like Article 22’s jewelry that uses bullet casings and bomb fragments to raise awareness of unexploded landmines in Laos.

For many designers, the best source of inspiration is found in nature. They often find ideas for their designs by observing the natural world around them, such as the colors, shapes and textures of rocks and trees. They can also draw inspiration from other designer jewelry pieces. While it’s important not to copy outright other designs, it can be helpful to browse through pieces with similar themes and concepts in order to spark new ideas. inspirational designs jewelry

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